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Jamaican Lavender castor oil 118ml

Jamaican Lavender castor oil 118ml

4 oz

This wonderful product is just as effective as the original Jamaican Black Castor Oil. It is enhanced by the additional hair and skin benefits that pure and natural lavender essential oil possesses. You can also use as a massage oil for aches and pains.
  • controls hair loss and improves hair growth
  • gets rid of dry itchy scalp
  • head lice treatment
  • helps Alopecia Areata
  • helps to stimulate the scalp and cleanse hair of toxins

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Jamaican Lavender castor oil  118ml

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How to Use
• Massage into scalp
• For dry, permed, and colored hair add 3Tblsp. to a deep conditioner to add and seal in moisture
• Hot Oil Treatment: Warm 3Tblsp. of the castor oil and massage into hair then put on heating cap for a half hour OR massage castor oil into hair, put on heating cap and sit under dryer for 10min.
• For The Skin: Massage into skin to moisturize dry skin and to help relieve common skin problems
• For Aches and Pains: Warm and massage into areas of discomfort

Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil and Lavender