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MYHONEYCHILD Honey Hair Crème 240ml

MYHONEYCHILD Honey Hair Crème 240ml

8 oz

Tight, coarse, frizzy curls?  The Honey Hair Creme replaces natural oils lost during blow-drying or everyday stress and abuse. Transforms puffy, parched hair into a perfect smooth, supple texture.
Whether it is summer or winter, hair dries up quickly if it is not cared for properly. However, at the same time, we are so hard pressed for time that we are barely able to spend a few minutes taking care of our hair. We have the solution that will help your hair while not consuming too much of your time. My Honey Child’s honey hair Creme is the perfect product for dry hair. Honey hair cream quenches dry hair with a healthy dose of well-needed moisture bringing your hair back to life. Your hair will be left feeling silky and manageable even in the summer’s heat.

The Honey Hair Crème will leave your hair with awesome curls and waves without feeling wet or greasy. Show off your refreshed hair while you walk with confidence. Our honey hair care is made with the most essential ingredients needed to strengthen and rejuvenate your hair. Made with raw honey, shea butter, coconut butter, almond butter, and cocoa butter, our honey hair creme will definitely leave you feeling hopeful.
Tip: use the Honey Hair Creme for your twist-out or rollerset

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MYHONEYCHILD Honey Hair Crème  240ml

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