Book The hair in black women

Author Neil Persadsing. ISBN 976-8171-55-3

Book The hair in black women
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The Hair in Black Women covers issues for Black women and men and subjects of all ages. There are variations in the way hair conditions and hair is cared for in different parts of the world, which makes this book of interest to dermatologists as well as the general Black population.
A handbook on the hair in African American women written by a dermatologist , describing the conditions that affect the hair and the scalp in these ladies.
This is a subject that has received very little attention and there are many black women out there who are suffering with conditions which are easily treated if only they knew how.
This book fills a need that has so far been unfullfilled Black women so often choose to undergo treatment for their hair that often leave them with problems eg. split ends , hair loss, hair not growing etc.
In addition they may suffer from things which are specific to their race eg hot comb folliculitis where they lose hair in the center of their scalp etc This is a fascinating area of that has been studied by me for the last thirty years so I bring a wealth of experience to the management and treatment of these conditions.To quote from the book THE ANCIENT AFRICAN CONSIDERED THAT THE HAIR AS THE HIGHEST PART OF THE BODY WAS IN TOUCH WITH THE GODS , hence its importance and the reason that so many black women spend so much of their time on their hair even though they may not realize it is that they are uncounciously reaching back to ancient ancestral memories brought with them from Africa. The history of the treatments which we have used on our hair is described as well as other diseases which may affect the scalp of African Americans


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