Curly Hair Solutions Roller Jaw Clamps

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Curly Hair Solutions Roller Jaw Clamps
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Roller Jaw Clamps will secure curls while providing lift at the root allowing for a bouncier more luscious curl. Flat hair is caused by water in the hair weighing it down. The wetter the hair, the more weight there is pulling the curls down, making it difficult for looser curls to have bounce. These clamps will provide a full looking, bouncy style that solves the unwanted flat hairstyles. The Roller Jaw Clamps allow curls to stay in their natural formation without squishing them down. The claws support large sections of hair without destroying curl formation. They are very easy to use and are extremely durable.
  • Prevents the weight of wet hair from loosening the curls
  • Supports and creates volume at the roots
  • Wide teeth prevents from destroying curl formation
  • Gentle on scalp
  • Helps to keep curls off the face
  • Light weight and easy to clean

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How to use
  • First we need the hair clean, wet and detangled with Curl Keeper™ applied from roots to ends. Clean sections make it easier to identify the areas needing the most attention.
  • Take a section of wet hair, bend it in half by holding the ends and reducing tension.
  • Twist that section of hair down to the scalp. Hold in place and support with the Roller Jaw Clamp. Even sections ensure a balanced hairstyle.
  • Once you have attached all the clamps you are using, allow the hair to dry for as long as you can. This will ensure a tighter set. To speed up drying time use a Hot Sock diffuser or Bonnet Hood dryer with Roller Jaw Clamps in place.


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